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Bellewood Farms, 6140 Guide Meridian, Lynden, WA

Ravenna Gardens, 2600 NE University Village Street, Seattle, WA

3 Sisters Market, 779 Holbrook Rd, Coupeville, WA

Launching Success Learning Store, 133 Prince Ave., Bellingham, WA

Skagit's Own Fish Market, 18042 State Route 20, Burlington, WA

Petals & Blooms, 5780 N. Star Road, Ferndale, WA

Jensens Floral, 2071 Vista Dr., Ferndale, WA

Caffe Adagio, 1435 Railroad Ave, Bellingham, WA

Small Town Florist, 2202 Mercedes Dr, Lynden, WA

HomeFarm, 8020 Kickerville Rd, Blaine, WA

Lummi Bay Market at 260, 4839 Rural Ave, Bellingham WA

Barnyard Coffee Roasters, 4434 Boblett St, Blaine WA

Appel Farms, 6605 Northwest Dr, Ferndale, WA

Flow Motion, 1920 Main St #19, Ferndale, WA

Joy of Pilates, 2130 Grant St, Bellingham, WA

Sunshine Drip, 306 N Main St, Coupeville, WA

Stompin’ Grounds Coffee Co, 603 Morris St, LaConner, WA


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