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Why Anytime Toffee?

Its not seasonal, Our toffee is for Anytime.  Buy our toffee and enjoy it year around.

Original business plan.

When we started our business, we actually had broader ideas of what we thought we would become. We originally named our business, Rustic Daisy Desserts, with the idea that we would be more of a bakery providing cakes and cupcakes to our customers. We thought eventually we may try selling our toffee, too, so we kept our name broad. Little did we know that our toffee would be such a hit, that it is all we would have time for.

Finding a name for our toffee.

I have always loved daisies and everything rustic, so that is how we came up with the name Rustic Daisy Desserts. But when we realized that we needed a "Doing Business As" name that was toffee specific, we really struggled to come up with something that felt like home. We had many ideas and even held a Facebook contest to see if we could get just the right name.

Important meeting and feedback.

Early on, I had a very pivotal meeting with a local businessman who gave me several pages worth of wonderful information and people/organizations to contact to help me get started. I brought him some samples of our toffee, which he brought to his family to try, and later provided me with some helpful feedback. One of those pieces of feedback was that our product would likely be "seasonal."

Anytime Toffee was born.

That night, I shared my pages of information with my husband, and when we got to this part about our product being "seasonal" he laughed and playfully exclaimed, "It's not seasonal, it's anytime toffee!" And so it was born. Anytime Toffee. 

Breaking the mold.

From that day on, we set out to break the mold. Toffee is typically seen as a special holiday treat, but we believed that we could change it's reputation. From our kraft paper packaging to our simple but bold logo, we wanted to create a product that couldn't be lived without. We want you to sink your teeth into our mouth watering toffee and feel like you are resting in a cozy haven. Our toffee was going to make it into people's homes and lives all year long, not just at Christmas. It is meant to be enjoyed ANYTIME! 

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  • The perfect name for the most perfect toffee…..good ANYTIME!!!!! ANYWHERE!!!! Such a treat and you are so right…it doesn’t need a special occasion or time to be enjoyed….just Anytime Toffee as your name suggests….

    Robbin Phillips

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