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We are a little bit famous!

February was a very exciting month for us here at Anytime Toffee. 

As our feet landed back on the ground after the huge holiday season and the transition into our new, larger space on the corner of Third and Vista, a new surprise came our way...

One unassuming afternoon I received an email from "Kim Holcomb at King 5" asking if we would be available the next day for an interview. Of course I didn't believe it was real, because that would be too good to be true.

But it was real, and it really was THE Kim Holcomb from King 5 Evening inquiring about our business!

So I did what any crazy entrepreneur would do and I said YES!! Kim and photographer Mark were so kind and easy to talk to and they put together such a wonderful story about us, Anytime Toffee!

King 5 Evening Anytime Toffee

The first night our episode aired, our website blew up! We had over 100 orders within the first 24 hours! And then in the weeks to come, we had more orders, reorders and many, many visitors from all over Washington come to our shop to see what we are all about, all because they saw us on King 5 Evening! Then they aired our episode a second time, and even more orders came in!!

We are counting our blessings here on the corner of Third and Vista in little old Ferndale. Many thanks to King 5 Evening and Kim Holcomb for reaching out to us and for sharing our story. We are overflowing with gratitude because of all of YOU, our faithful customers- both new and old- for believing in us, encouraging us, and for sharing our toffee with your people in your circles. We wouldn't be where are today without all of you! 💛

Here is the episode from King 5 Evening in case you missed it or in case you just want to see it again!

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