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Anytime Toffee-Who We Are And How It All Began

Tara the toffee lady with her family.

Who we are.

A small town family turned entrepreneur, we are the Wrights. Our whole lives have been spent in this beautiful corner of the Pacific Northwest. We are a perfectly imperfect, coffee-loving, fearlessly authentic family set out to love the world around us as we share our story and our toffee with the friends we meet along the way.

Where it all began, from one generation to the next.

For years, my mother-in-law would make her amazing toffee recipe at Christmas and give it to friends and family as gifts. When I married into the family, I got to be a part of this special tradition. As time went on, people that we gave it to would tell us that our toffee was so good, we should sell it. I had four kids in five years at the time, so I tucked that away in the back of my mind.

Teaching the next generation.

Fast forward to 2015, when our kids were 10, 11, 14 and 15. I kept hearing the voices of those people that told us to sell our toffee and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. What a great opportunity to learn business alongside our four kids, I thought. At the time, I was homeschooling all four kids, and what could be better than real life, hands-on experience?

A family affair.

So we did it. We got our business license, figured out packaging, and found little places to sell it. It was a hit and people loved it! So Danica, our oldest daughter, put together our first, original website, while our younger daughter, Ellie, worked on the photography at the time. All of the kids would go to the markets with me to sell it and all learned how to make it.

From hobby to wholesale.

Over the years, our packaging has changed and we moved from a Cottage Industry license to building our own commercial kitchen on our property, putting us in the category of a Food Processing license which allowed us to move beyond direct sales to wholesaling and shipping our delicious and sought after toffee all over the country. 

Our story unfolding.

And the rest is history, in the making... We are growing every month, expanding wholesale accounts and the boundaries of where we sell it. Every step of the way we gain a new following of wonderful friends and exciting opportunities.

Stay tuned as we share more of our story and give you glimpses into our life.



  • Sooo exciting for all of you.. thank you for this blog & sharing your story..Garry & I are so happy we’ve been able to spend time with you at the Market & getting to know you…an amazing family & you’ve raised incredibly great kiddos…AND make best toffee EVER!!!!

    Robbin Phillips
  • This just makes me smile !!! I remember that day so vividly in your kitchen and you sharing your dream with me !!! May God continue to bless your company and family !!! ❤️

    Jeni Walton

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